Friday, October 16, 2009

YUTAKA: Add some zen to your lunch

I found the BEST lunch spot and I want everyone to know about it. The usual lunch suspects might be a quick sandwich, salad, soup, etc. But hold on to your seats friends, because I want to introduce you to sushi and bento boxes for your mid-day munchies.

Yutaka Sushi Bistro on McKinney is my new fav lunch spot. Just run into this tiny little Asian shoebox of a restaurant and brush all your daily stresses and to-do lists to the wayside.

Our days are chalked full of cell phones, responsibilities, emails, crisis moments, and controlled chaos and Yutaka is its antithesis. Calm, serene, unassuming, relaxing, zen - those five words manifest themselves into Yutaka’s atmosphere. Sit, sip on lush green tea, take a deep breath and exhale your daily grind. (And don't worry, you can still get in and out in 30 minutes!)

Silky smooth Yellowtail sashimi with jalapenos in a bright, citrus yuzu sauce will immediately lift your spirits when you order it as an appetizer. Wanting a quick jump start, order the shishito peppers and perk right up.

At $14, lunch can’t get much better with Yutaka’s Bento Box 'B'. For your mere 14-dollar purchase, you receive a soul-warming cup of fresh miso soup, a springy green ginger salad, a beautifully delicate California roll, crunchy vegetable tempura, melt-in-your-mouth miso glazed black cod and fresh fruit too. Trust me, this lunch will satisfy for the whole day.

Make Yutaka Sushi Bistro your getaway destination for lunch and hush those 12 o'clock hunger pains.

  • 2633 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX
  • 214.969.5533


  1. Sounds sooo good. I could live off of shishito peppers. Will have to try it. Are you famous yet?

  2. Ask for their freshly-made ponzu sauce to dip the peppers in....takes them to a whole new level

  3. Love hearing your faves and new ideas of where to go in Dallas. We always hitting the same spots instead of trying something new. Heads up: I saw Ocean Prime on your wish list . . . you may want to re-think taking the time and wasting your $$$. We found it a complete disappointment. Nothing too exciting on the flavor front, a fairly unimaginative menu and the service was non-existent. There are so many great spots in big D, just a little friendly foodie advice.