Thursday, December 11, 2008

And the Dallas foodie adventure begins....

If "Everything is bigger in Texas", then definitely "Everything is yummier in Dallas" (or at least thats what I contend)!

 Well hello y'all and welcome to my world of Dallas food and restaurants! I thought I'd start all this off by setting the foundation for why I'm blogging. Most may know that for the majority of my life I've had a passion for everything "food". I was never labeled a "picky eater" as a child, never would I pass up second helpings of my nana's, aunt's or mom's best recipes, and while most of my middle school friends wanted Chili's, I was begging for sushi. It is no surprise that my family has always known of my nack and passion for food. 

Now that I am out of school, I am craving for an outlet to express myself and to explore my passion. More than anything, this blog will be my life's creative corner and an exploratory adventure of pushing myself toward the culinary world. On the other side (the less selfish side), I am so in love with everything Dallas restaurants and food has to offer and I want to share my love with you. My goal - to eat fabulous food, to have fun, to share thoughts, to give ideas, and to create as many smiles for myself and others as possible.

So here's the deal...

- I promise to blog as much as possible (nothing is worse than an stagnant blog). BUT, keep in mind that I am a recent graduate and struggling waitress who lacks unlimited food funds. In between my restaurant reviews, I will blog about random Dallas foodie things (so check back with me about once a week!)
- Dont forget to check out my lists (which are found on the right side of my layout).
 - The "D-list" is my picks for Dallas' "a-list" restaurants. Looking for a fab place to go eat?, all you'll need to do is check out the D-List. 
- My Craves is fairly self explanatory. If not, it's a list of what my tummy is rumbling for. 
- My Wish List is comprised of places I'm dying to check out. Sooner or later, I will make my way there but either have not had the time or do not have the extra change. If you are looking for dining buddy/great company, these are the locales that would make a starving waitress VERY happy.

At any rate, that's that. Check back soon for new reviews and anything else that may come up in my foodie life!! Eat well y'all....