Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bailey's Prime Plus

After much debate and flip-flopping, we decided on Bailey’s Prime Plus for our dining destination last night (and boy, what a destination it turned out to be!). First step inside this sprawling eatery, I was immediately transported to Las Vegas. A restaurant of this grandeur belongs on The Strip rather than in the Big D. From the water features to the black and gold motif, this is a beautiful restaurant. And the bar…sexy! Red crystal chandeliers, black lacquer floors and nude art draping the walls screams “new Dallas hot-spot”!

The food was good. Steaks, perfectly seasoned and prepared, being the best part of dinner (as they should be), while appetizers somewhat disappointed. The almond-encrusted fried brie was glorified fried cheese sticks and the chicken-fried lobster stuffed avocado lacked a reasonable amount of lobster (4 tiny pieces to be exact). But dont get me wrong, we ate every bit of both appetizers! Order the lobster bisque and you will be licking the bowl for every last drop! Sides were just O.K. We had the button mushrooms in a red wine sauce and the lobster mac-and-cheese and neither seems to win us over. Next time we will try the scalloped potatoes as I have heard they are fabulous.

Special thanks to Mr. Ivy (the sommelier) for the great wine recommendation. Never before this night had I tried a white from Chateauneuf -du-Pape. I was looking for a unique white and he definitely steered me in the right direction! Interesting wine, beer and cocktail selection, so go and check it out!

  • 8160 Park Lane Suite 130, Dallas TX
  • 214.750.8100


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  2. Ten thousand dollars and you are set. Good place but cant top Pappas Bros.

  3. I wish I had read your blog before I visited Bailey's. I also had the lobster stuffed avocado, but may have been better satisified with the lobster bisque. Your comments are spot on and i enjoy reading your articles.