Wednesday, October 7, 2009

HACIENDA - Bold colors, bland food

I wanted to love Hacienda on Henderson. Tex-Mex cuisine, spanning patio with a gorgeous fountain, vibrant colors, up-beat music, yummie cocktail menu…Hacienda had my name written all over it – well until I ate there.

While the prices are quite reasonable, nothing particularly tasted all that good. Im not saying that everything was terrible, but Im not saying that anything was great.

We tried the tuna crudo, shrimp cocktail, beefy and cheezy enchilada, brisket tacos and a few other house specialties and none had much flavor. The food is just bland and dumbed-down. At one point our server warned us that the sauce on the enchiladas was "very, very spicy". I was shocked when I was actually able to eat it (I have a very low tolerance for spicy food). Just one example of how nothing seemed to deliver.

This is my two cents – go to Hacienda for the bar. Go for the music, go for the drinks and just go for the scene.

Don’t go for the food.

  • 2326 N Henderson Ave, Dallas TX
  • 214.515.9990


  1. Atmosphere good. Food, might as well be On the Boarder.

  2. in my opinion, not even as good as On the Border!

  3. I stumbled across your blog and saw this post! My good friend owns this place. It is a fun place to drink and hang out, but I think they just switched chefs so I think they are trying things out for now. I ate there on Saturday and it was quite good, so I am hoping this new chef sticks around! Happy Dining,
    America's Bridget Jones